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3 Reasons to Avoid a DIY Roof Project

Occasionally, we’ll come across homeowners who plan to take on their own roofing project, but there are many reasons this should be avoided!

Here are 3 reasons to avoid a DIY roof project:

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Avoid a DIY Roof Project with ARI

1 - It's More Costly Than You Think

The average roof replacement costs anywhere from $8,000-$20,000. When working with our insurance claim specialists, you could potentially spend anywhere from $500-$2,500 (your insurance deductible) for a full replacement if you qualify under our program!

Materials ALONE cost $2,000 and up! With ARI, you’re not only saving MONEY on materials, but you’re also saving TIME on the labor it takes to replace your roof.

2 - You Don't Receive a Roof Warranty

If you attempt to replace your own roof, you’re taking a major risk as you might have more issues in the future. This could lead to further repairs or even a full replacement! When your roof isn’t supported with a warranty, these potential issues are not covered, and you have a very high chance of spending more of your own money in the long run. Replacing a roof with ARI, however, goes beyond the actual replacement. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our work is secured with a 2 year labor warranty.

3 - You Could Miss a Serious Issue

During tear off, our experts inspect the bare roof to make sure there aren’t any underlying damages. Rotted wood is a great example! Our roofers can easily identify and resolve these issues to prevent widespread damage. If you surpass a serious issue during a DIY roof project, it’s only a matter of time before further damages occur. This could potentially lead to problems as serious as structural damage!

Overall, the risks of taking on a DIY roof project is not worth saving a few dollars. Call 208.350.1008 or visit to learn more 🏡

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